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Applied Systems Approach in Mozambique

Stakeholders in Mozambique’s vocational training and youth employment system discuss their experience taking a systems approach on the Via: Pathways to Work program to reach common goals.

Kamri Moses, Healing Youth Alliance Ambassador, Baltimore

The Healing Youth Alliance trains Baltimore City teens about mental wellness. During Black History Month, Kamri Moses shares her thoughts on what older people in her community need to know about the mental health issues young people face, and why they need to be part of the solution.

Lamar Hill, Healing Youth Alliance Ambassador, Baltimore

As part of IYF's focus on Black mental health during Black History Month, Lamar Hill, Ambassador for the Healing Youth Alliance, shares his thoughts on a mental health challenge young people in his community face.

Say it Loud: Black Pride is Mental Health

Learn how young Black people can be a powerful first line of defense for mental wellness in their communities.