Financial Times Report Says the Time is Now to Engage the World’s Youth

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The International Youth Foundation (IYF) is pleased to announce the publication of a four-page supplement in the January 29th edition of the Financial Times that underscores how supporting today’s youth can be part of the solution to the global economic crisis. “As a world community, we simply cannot afford to abandon these young people to the ups and downs of the global economy” argue World Bank authors Justin Yifu Lin and Wendy Cunningham in an opinion piece. Noting that under investing in youth costs countries as much as 2% of their GDP every year, the authors write: “Addressing young people’s needs and aspirations is vital for both social and economic progress.” 

Highlights of the “Investing in Youth People” report, produced bi-annually through a collaboration between the Financial Times and IYF, include a piece on the growing role that corporations such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Wrigley play in addressing pressing issues like youth unemployment in the developing world. Other articles illustrate how innovative uses of new technologies and on-line social networking are helping teachers in Africa enrich classroom learning in poor rural schools and empowering young people to fight corruption and apathy in Europe’s struggling new democracies.

The supplement, which is timed to coincide with the 2010 meeting of global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, also features IYF’s recently launched USAID-funded program in Jordan that aims to improve job prospects and community engagement among the country’s most vulnerable youth.

Click here to read “Investing in Young People."

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