In response to the 75 million currently unemployed young people living in the developing world, key policymakers, business, and civil society leaders announced the establishment of Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) –a global coalition that addresses the pervasive challenges facing young people in gaining access to job opportunities.

Public, private and civil society sector organizations convened today to affirm their commitment to the cause, including the World Bank Group, International Youth Foundation, Accenture, Plan International, RAND Corporation, and Youth Business International, among others..

Coalition members agree that youth employment is an international concern, and pledge to support sustainable answers to obstacles preventing young people from entering the workforce by scaling private sector growth, encouraging entrepreneurship, and bolstering job creation..

“Securing good jobs for youth is a global priority. One billion people will enter the job market over the next decade and the global economy will need to create five million jobs each month simply to keep employment rates constant,” said Keith Hansen, World Bank Group Global Practices Vice President..

In order to expand job opportunities for young women and men by 2030, S4YE will link participating organizations in an effort to learn and exchange workable solutions for addressing youth unemployment, and ultimately leverage this deeper understanding into effective policymaking.