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Raising the Bar for Youth Services

The Urabá region of northwest Colombia is a land of contradictions. In this tropical paradise, many people lack access to decent housing and proper nutrition. Nearly half of youth here are unemployed. To help meet their needs, Integridad Confianza Excelencia Nobleza Fe (ICENF), a community-based organization, provides vocational training, career guidance, and job placement support.

A Step-by-Step Journey to Employment in Palestine

For the 44 percent of Palestine’s youth who are unemployed, finding their place in the job market requires persistence, flexibility, networks, and the right mix of skills and experience, as 22-year-old Omar Abu Arra came to find out.

IYF Builds Tanzania’s Capacity to Strengthen Education Practices

New Digital Curriculum Improves Reading Skills in Country’s Schools

As part of Tanzania’s overall efforts to improve student achievement, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) has developed interactive digital learning tools...

IYF Publishes How-To Guide on Labor Market Assessments

Too often, there is a mismatch between the workforce needs of local companies and the skills held by available workers. This job training gap is often a significant factor in the growing youth unemployment crisis worldwide. What’s the solution? How do you tailor a job training program to make...