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The Learning Path of a Marine Conservationist in Peru

On any given day, you might find Kerstin Forsberg in a classroom teaching educators and children about the ocean and its creatures, on a small boat with fishermen preparing them to lead eco-tourism trips, or at a desk planning and taking care of paperwork.

What Communities in Kazakhstan Can Learn from Robot Battles

Gathered for English & STEM Fest, hundreds of members of the Atyrau community had fun exchanging ideas, creating, and learning new skills.

A Youth Training So Good, Parents Want to Join

What does it mean to be a leader? Last week I was reminded that profound change does not start just from a high office or a news headline. It ripples out from thoughtful individuals who see the potential for a better future.

Young Ambassadors of Paint & Light

In the heart of the Royal Village of Zarqa, overlooking a sea of beige buildings, spans a 20-meter mural depicting a picturesque landscape. Winding its way through the scene is the Jordan River, and in the distance stands a mosque. To the right, a large painted feather pen invites viewers to...