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A Young Entrepreneur Brings Language-Learning to Brazil’s Favelas

When bad news strikes, sometimes it’s hard to see past it. Such was the case this week when Brazil’s deepening political and economic crisis all but eclipsed news of the arrival in Rio of the flame that will light the way to the 2016 Summer Olympics. But it’s just at these times when it helps to focus on positive stories of what’s working and why. Gustavo Reis, the 23-year-old founder of 4YOU2, is one of those stories.

Young Women Seize New Opportunities to Develop Skills, Access Jobs

The main road leading into this small urban center in Jordan’s agricultural belt is flanked by plastic covered greenhouses and vendors selling freshly-picked tomatoes, cauliflower, and cucumbers.

While agricultural productivity in the region has increased...

Building Success from Challenging Beginnings

Tannu, a bright and engaging 17-year old participant in the Wrigley Youth.Empowerment.Success (Y.E.S) program at Don Bosco in Chandigarh, India, stands out wherever she is—in a group, in the classroom, or on the athletic field. So it is surprising to learn about the many hardships she and her...