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In Algeria, an Aspiring Auditor Proves She Can Be Counted On

Twenty-two year-old Hodda Taibi grew up in Cherchell, a coastal town in northern Algeria. The youngest of six siblings, she worked hard at the University of Algiers, earning a license to practice accounting and finance in 2015. Yet despite her qualifications, Hodda was unsure of what to do next. Should she look for a job? Continue her studies? With one out of four Algerian youth unemployed, job success was no guarantee.

Young People Offer Innovative Strategies to Promote Financial Inclusion

Editor’s note:  This blog post was originally posted on the YouthTech blog, which is hosted by new IYF partner Child Youth Finance International.

While many of us are simply worrying about the challenges ahead...

Sharek Partnerships Support Graduates to Reach Employment

“I really encourage graduates to take this type of training because I really noticed the difference as a manager. They come ready to work with valuable experience, work well under pressure, and work easily with others.” So says Rami Khleaf, the Human Resources Manager for Reach, a...