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IYF's 20th Anniversary: So Here We Go!

When I began to run into friends and colleagues who had just flown in from around the world in the lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington DC this morning, I knew the fun and excitement that had been building around the International Youth Foundation’s 20th anniversary events had finally begun...

IYF's 20th Anniversary: The Countdown Has Started!

Representatives from nearly 60 youth organizations from 46 countries around the world are on their way to Washington DC to attend IYF’s 2010 Global Partner Meeting. This once-every-two year gathering will open with a one-day conference addressing the topics of youth employment and citizenship. ...

Celebrating 20 Years

Microsoft chose to work with IYF in many countries because it is an effectively global and appropriately local organization.— Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director, Global Community Affairs, Microsoft Corporation

In April 1990, the International Youth Foundation was...