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Hospitality Employees Learn Life Skills Underwater

Should you answer a text message while talking with your supervisor? How do you resolve workplace conflicts with your colleagues?

Why Companies Are Investing in the Skills & Potential of Arab Youth

The Americana Group is one of a growing number of companies in the MENA region that are investing in the training and skills development of young job seekers. Learn more about this win-win proposition for employers and youth.

Passport to Success® Expands into Southern Africa

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Hilton Worldwide have teamed up to launch the Passport to Success® (PTS) life skills curriculum in South Africa, in partnership with...

Moving the Needle on Youth Development

It’s not always easy to recognize when the needle moves, even a little bit, in the right direction. Yet over the past few months, I’ve been heartened by what I see as some real progress on one of our toughest problems: global youth employment. A few weeks ago, I was in Kenya at the invitation of...