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A Courageous Young Voice from Egypt: “This is Just the Beginning!”

We're pleased to introduce Raghda El Ebrashi, a young Egyptian activist who joined her friends and compatriots in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand freedom and democracy. Here is her personal story of that remarkable experience, her reflections on what has been achieved, and her plans to...

The Words of An American Patriot Come Alive in Tahrir Square

The stunning announcement of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak stepping down from power electrified citizens not only across the Arab region but the world. The demands for freedom and dignity rising from Cairo’s streets are universal aspirations. I heard one young...

Cheering on My Brothers & Sisters in Egypt

Given the extraordinary events taking place in Egypt and the leadership role that young people continue to play in these historic times, I am reaching out to a number of Egyptian youth (and others) to contribute their insights and perspectives. Today,  I am pleased to introduce...