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Soft Skills, Hard Work, and Cake

A few months ago, when IYF’s job placement team in Morocco secured a position for the 900th young person, they celebrated with a cake, a small Alice in Wonderland-style gâteau with the number 900 written on the top. Then, two weeks later, they found jobs for another 100 young people. So, what to do—buy another cake?

Hilton Worldwide Training Shows Life Skills Make a Difference

Watch the new video “PTS at Hilton: Creating Shared Value” to learn more about Passport to Success life skills training’s impact on the personal and professional lives of team members at the Hilton Durban in South Africa.

Hospitality Employees Learn Life Skills Underwater

Should you answer a text message while talking with your supervisor? How do you resolve workplace conflicts with your colleagues?

Passport to Success® Expands into Southern Africa

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Hilton Worldwide have teamed up to launch the Passport to Success® (PTS) life skills curriculum in South Africa, in partnership with...