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Young People Tell Us How They Are Fighting Poverty & Driving Sustainability

On International Youth Day, the world's young people share their ideas and solutions for pressing global challenges.

In the Dirt & On the Farm for Youth Day

This particular Wednesday, however, found me knee deep in rich Maryland soil, tackling little green enemies in the form of clover, chickweed, and crabgrass with the same vigor that I typically apply to my ever-growing inbox. 

4 Things the World’s Youth Want Most of All

Happy International Youth Day to half the world’s population! Yes, one of every two people on the planet right now is under 30.

Championing the Empowerment of Young Women, on International Youth Day & Beyond

I was thrilled to receive a book signing invitation recently from a long-time friend, colleague, and champion of women's empowerment issues, Ritu Sharma. Her newly published book, Teach a Woman...