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Meet Leo, Artist of Social Change

Five years ago, the forested trail leading to the most scenic waterfall in Bogotá, Colombia, was crime-ridden and awash with waste. Today, the same area is safe and well maintained. As part of the trail, a mural, depicting two swans and a human figure enveloped in a sea of tears, calls attention to mankind’s imbalanced relationship with nature. While in 2010 people avoided the area over safety concerns, now the site attracts more than 1,500 visitors a month.

Young Ambassadors of Paint & Light

In the heart of the Royal Village of Zarqa, overlooking a sea of beige buildings, spans a 20-meter mural depicting a picturesque landscape. Winding its way through the scene is the Jordan River, and in the distance stands a mosque. To the right, a large painted feather pen invites viewers to...

Ready, Set, Paint: Young Volunteers Transform a Schoolyard

On a sunny, wind-swept Saturday, 14 youth dressed in jeans and sporting ball caps mix paints and soak brushes on the steps leading up to the Prince Mohammed School for Boys in Zarqa, Jordan. Over the next three hours, the group will...