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The Path to a Brighter Future? Expand Opportunities for Today’s Young

“Driving Impact Today for a Brighter Tomorrow” is a theme that could animate many a social cause these days -- locally or globally. It certainly is in accord with our work at the International Youth Foundation  (IYF) and other youth-serving organizations around the world who adhere to the “positive youth development” school of thought.

Our Call to Action is Gaining Traction: Yet Far More Still Needs to be Done for Youth to Succeed

What does it take to get top corporate and government leaders and more than 100 organizations from nearly 50 countries together in one placefor three of the hottest days of the summer, including a Saturday?...

IYF Enlists Global Business, Government Leaders to Support Young Job Seekers

This past weekend, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) brought together business, government, youth activists, and civil society leaders from nearly 50 countries for [email protected]: Bridging the Opportunity Divide, a three-day...

Tackling Global Youth Unemployment: Are the Stars in Alignment?

Even in the fast-paced and often chaotic world in which all of us live, sometimes the stars arrange themselves in ways that help us see a clear path forward. I recently participated in a series of events—some of them years in the making—that reflected this rare alignment.

On March 27, in...