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What We Learned about Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in Tanzania

We had always planned to offer entrepreneurship toolkits, but along the way we learned valuable lessons about how best to provide them.

7 Lessons for Working with Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Orphans and vulnerable children have unique needs and challenges overall, and particularly as they strive to continue their education and join the workforce. 

Teenage Orphans Face Life on Their Own

The national scale-up of IYF’s Passport to Success® curriculum means thousands of teenage orphans in the Kyrgyz Republic will develop the skills they need for independent living.

Orphaned Kyrgyz Youth Gain Skills to Succeed

When Ramil was six years old, his father was put in prison. Ramil's mother left the family several years earlier. Placed in the care of an aunt who abused alcohol, Ramil would frequently leave and fend for himself on the streets. Eventually, he ended up at a...