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Innopolis. Population: 20 Laureate Global Fellows

On October 20, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas welcomed the 2014 Laureate Global Fellows to ‘Innopolis’—a city of innovation—where these social change pioneers shared their stories and breakthrough solutions with nearly 300 students, faculty, and corporate and civil society leaders.

Laureate Global Fellows Embrace Design Thinking

An idea that first seemed impossible becomes reality for Gitanjali thanks to the creativity and can-do spirit of her YouthActionNet® peers.

IYF & Laureate Announce 2014 Laureate Global Fellows

YouthActionNet® Network of Social Entrepreneurs Tops 930

Solving a problem often requires looking at it in a different way. For Daniel Uribe, 28, restoring degraded beaches in Costa Rica meant working with local community members to recognize the value of coastal forests...

Honduran President & Cabinet Receive YouthActionNet® Fellows

Youth-led social change took center stage in Honduras last week when five YouthActionNet® Fellows—the first to be honored through the newly-launched Premio Yo...