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Young Entrepreneur in Indonesia Does Good to Do Good Business

I am talking human resources with Deddy Dermawanto in the young business owner’s office in Bekasi, a densely populated suburb of Jakarta. In here, away from the city’s noise and traffic, the walls are covered in certificates; a few awards stand on a shelf in the corner. Deddy, a successful past participant in IYF’s Young Entrepreneurs Start-Up (YES) initiative, points out a few.

How Two Youth Mentors in Mexico Found Their Callings

With every new place I visit, I find a new and stimulating team of young professionals who will be trained as youth-to-youth facilitators, mentors, and counselors. And with every new team, the same faces come to my mind: the young people that started it all, back in 2011 in Ciudad Juarez.

What Do Algerian Young Women & Oprah Have in Common?

“She grew up in poverty, just like me!”

“She faced a lot of personal challenges when she was younger, just like me!”

“She had to believe in herself even when she had no one to believe in her, just like me”

Youth in the Caribbean Benefit from “A New Beginning"

Government, business, and NGO leaders recently joined the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to celebrate 150 graduates of the Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP)....