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How One Organization in India Supports Parents to Become Teachers During COVID-19

Learn how parents in India are being empowered to teach their children during COVID-19. 

Young People & Violence: The Aurora Shooting Demands Answers

The midnight massacre carried out by a young man in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, raised painful questions for me and so many others about how it could have been prevented, including how can we, as citizens, still tolerate...

Strategies to Employ Highly Vulnerable Youth

With youth unemployment almost three times the adult rate and 32 million youth in Latin America and the Caribbean neither working nor studying, identifying effective strategies to expand employment opportunities for the region’s youth is a top...

New Initiative Launched to Improve Access to Jobs

Seeking to improve the transition from school to work among some of the country’s most vulnerable youth, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) has launched the Tanzania Youth Scholars initiative that aims to increase...