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What to Know About Supporting Pathways for Women in Male-Dominated Industries

As part of High Gear, a four-year project led by the International Youth Foundation focused on advancing South Africa’s public Technical, Vocational, Education & Training (TVET) college system, in-depth interviews were conducted with young women pursuing or employed in engineering careers,...

How Women Everywhere Are Saving the World and Shaping the Future

Of course, the history of women and our contributions to all aspects of society are worthy of year-round, everyday recognition. Still, Women’s History Month (WHM) is a time I look forward to every year. My favorite day of WHM is March 8—International Women’s Day (IWD)—which I came to appreciate...

Don't Just Tell Girls They Can Do Anything—Show Them How to Break Barriers

En Español

As a girl, I grew up in a home where I was told that I could be and do anything. Now, as a young professional in the...

No solo le digamos a las niñas que pueden hacer lo que quieran – Enseñémosles como pueden romper barreras

In English

Crecí en un hogar donde me decían que podía llegar a ser y hacer lo que quisiera. Ahora, como una joven profesionista en el sector del desarrollo...