Young Women Taking Charge of their Futures

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Every day, young women around the world are learning new skills, working hard to get ahead, and challenging the status quo. Our ebook, Beyond Their Circumstances, offers insight into the realities of young women around the world and opportunities for continued progress.

The publication, a compilation of blog posts originally published on this website, features young women taking charge of their futures through four avenues:

  • Leadership: Young women leaders are proving their power to create positive change around the world. Meet social entrepreneurs from IYF's YouthActionNet® initiative who are defying gender stereotypes and combating gender-based violence, and another young woman from Palestine who is leading an initiative to prepare fellow women to enter the workforce.
  • Technical and vocational education: We know that this learning and training prepares women for jobs that typically pay better and offer more long-term career growth. In the ebook, read how participants such as Linnet in Kenya and Raquel in Mexico have persevered and found success in male-dominated industries. You'll also find strategies for increasing women's participation in such training.
  • Entrepreneurship: Small and microenterprise offers many women a critical opportunity to find economic independence. Participants in IYF initiatives, Fortune in Zimbabwe and Pratibha in India are just two women who are leading successful businesses. The ebook also includes lessons for fostering the growth of young women entrepreneurs, based on our experience in Mexico.
  • Life skills training: Around the world, we've seen how youth around the world grow as people and professionals when they complete Passport to Success® life skills training. Read the stories of young women from Algeria, Indonesia, and Senegal who are overcoming considerable challenges to move forward in life and work with renewed self-confidence, goal-setting, and teamwork skills.

Download the free ebook Beyond Their Circumstances to discover the stories of more than a dozen young women—and one young man—who are reshaping our world for the better.

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