YouthMap Uganda Interns Find Jobs & Success in Banking

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An important part of any livelihoods program is financial responsibility, and no one knows this better than the YouthMap interns at Development Finance Company of Uganda Bank Limited (DFCU). At the bank, Amon Niibo (24), Mary Nabulime (24), Denis Osuna (25), and Rose Wanyana (23) were immediately given critical, wide-ranging responsibilities. Impressed with their skills, DFCU offered jobs to all four YouthMap graduates.

Amon, 24, a poised, soft-spoken young man from Namungoona, Kampala, was looking for a job for months before becoming a YouthMap intern. Now he is tasked with teaching a diverse portfolio of companies how to use DFCU’s e-banking tools, a role ideally suited to this savvy young graduate. He has enjoyed the program’s training and mentorship, which have allowed him to grow professionally and personally. Just recently, DFCU offered Amon a job. While his long-term goal is to start a business in banking, he wants to apply his new skills to his interest in cattle and the agriculture value chain. “Being a banker does not stop one from being a farmer,” he explains.

Mary, 24, a self-assured young woman from Kasangati, Kampala, is at her best when she is busy. From the beginning, she had wanted to get engaged in the field of finance, and studied it in school. But it wasn't until the YouthMap program that she was able to put her knowledge to work. She knows the training provided her with various professional skills from professional dress codes to useful interpersonal skills. Now Mary puts these skills to use every day as a DFCU employee, working directly with women working in businesses, particularly those in small and medium enterprises. She organizes events, manages a database, helps the women entrepreneurs reach their payment date, and facilitates loan rehabilitation. These are the people she wants to work with in the future. “I have learned a lot from them, and they have learned a lot from me,” she says. An ambitious young woman, Mary has been taking classes in auditing and accounting in order to continue growing her set of skills. 

Denis, 25, is a principled young man from Bukoto, Kampala who is driven to maximize every opportunity. Denis describes the job application process that so many young Ugandans go through as “a really sad experience.” Before being accepted to the YouthMap program, he was close to giving up on applications. The confidence and self-awareness he has gained through YouthMap, combined with his personal integrity, allowed him to overcome challenges in the workplace. The bank offered him a full-time position, and he is now putting his customer service skills and clear speaking voice to work with DFCU’s high-end customers. He has enjoyed what he learned on the job about the stock market and wants to go on to become an investment banker. His long-term plan is to start his own research and analysis business. 

Rose, 23, an outgoing young woman from Mutundwe, Kampala, had a lifelong goal of working with a bank, and she studied business administration with a focus on accounting at university. The YouthMap program has helped her make that important transition from school to the workplace. Rose credits the program for her success, explaining that each YouthMap internship match is “made with a purpose.” After five months training, she received an offer to work at a DFCU branch. Rose’s company mentor advised her to accept the position and is helping her plan her career going forward. Rose delivers workplace banking services and supports products and pricing. She has also assisted with customer service audits at various branches in Kampala, and even provided some creative thinking around the bank'scustomer service activities.

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