Where We Work: Peru

Every major initiative we’ve led in Latin America has included Peru. 

Through New Employment Opportunities (NEO), entra21, Obra, and EquipYouth, we've been preparing young Peruvians with in-demand job skills and building the capacity of our local partners. Starting in 2001, we focused on implementing scalable, sustainable initiatives. For example, through an alliance we built for entra21, Peruvian partner Centro de Servicios para la Capacitación Laboral y el Desarollo (CAPLAB) collaborated with the government to apply effective best practices to local employment offices, public schools, and other public programs. Additionally, a YouthActionNet® national institute here has fostered youth social entrepreneurship by offering young leaders mentoring, financing, and other key resources. Peru is the highest ranked Latin American country in the Global Youth Wellbeing Index.

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