Our events offer stakeholders from around the world an opportunity to come together and exchange ideas and experience. Expanding the global knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities in positive youth development, this collaboration drives change.

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Apr 12, 2010-Apr 14, 2010 Agenda Resources
Jul 21, 2010-Jul 23, 2010 Agenda Resources

The IYF global partners meeting in Washington, DC, brought together representatives from nearly 70 organizations from 45 countries around the world.

Oct 07, 2010-Oct 09, 2010 Agenda Resources

This event in Peru publicly presented the South American Youth of the Americas Partnership and strengthened the three sub-regional partnerships under the Obra initiative.

Nov 17, 2010-Nov 19, 2010 Agenda Resources

This event launched the Youth:Work Mexico (YWM) program in Ciudad Juárez and provided participants the opportunity to learn from programs that have impacted youth nationally and  internationally.

Apr 07, 2011-Apr 08, 2011 Agenda Resources

This event in Washington, DC, presented lessons learned through IYF's entra21 and Obra initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jun 21, 2011-Jun 23, 2011 Agenda Resources
Agenda Resources

This event in Senegal provided an opportunity to discuss findings from the YouthMap assessment of the country and highlight promising practices and models for positive youth development.

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At this event in El Salvador, participants shared lessons learned in advocacy and job placement to prepare disadvantaged  youth for the labor market and the potential of developing public private alliances in the Salvadorian context.  

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