Global Network

In our 30-year history, the IYF global network has brought together more than 600 organizations with whom we've been strengthening and expanding positive youth development at the local and national levels. Our mission unites us: together we ensure that young people, especially marginalized youth, find the guidance and training to lead productive lives. This collaboration remains central to our success.

Organization Country Region
Universidade Potiguar (UNP) Brazil Latin America & the Caribbean
University of Houston - Victoria United States North America
Vínculos y Redes, A.C. Mexico Latin America & the Caribbean
VIRL Private Limited Zimbabwe Sub-Saharan Africa
Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa
Waqqas Association Jordan Middle East & North Africa
We Love Bizerte Tunisia Middle East & North Africa
Welfare Association Palestine Middle East & North Africa
West African Research Center (WARC) Senegal Sub-Saharan Africa
Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent United States North America