Global Network

In our 30-year history, the IYF global network has brought together more than 600 organizations with whom we've been strengthening and expanding positive youth development at the local and national levels. Our mission unites us: together we ensure that young people, especially marginalized youth, find the guidance and training to lead productive lives. This collaboration remains central to our success.

Organization Country Region
Capital Humano Social Alternativo Peru Latin America & the Caribbean
Center for Corporate Cooperation Dialogue (CCCD) Russia Europe
Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) United States Global
Central Asian Free Market Institute Kyrgyz Republic Asia & Oceania
Central States SER United States North America
Centre de la Femme Arabe pour la Formation et la Recherche (CAWTAR) Tunisia Middle East & North Africa
Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education Saint Lucia Latin America & the Caribbean
Centro Asesor para el Desarrollo de los Recursos Humanos de Honduras Honduras Latin America & the Caribbean
Centro de Asesoría y Promoción Juvenil, A.C. (CASA-PJ) Mexico Latin America & the Caribbean
Centro de Estudos e Promoção de Cidadania, Direitos Humanos e Meio Ambiente (CODD) Mozambique Sub-Saharan Africa