According to the National Society of Industries (SNI) of Peru, there is a large gap between the academic offer and the demand for qualified personnel in companies. In fact, seventy-seven percent of employers report a lack of qualified labor for technical positions. In addition, they report that there is a lack of socioemotional skills among young workers and young people are demotivated to study a technical career, since their parents do not value them, despite the ample opportunities Peru.

Through the generous support of the Anglo-American Group Foundation (AAGF) and the Caterpillar Foundation, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) partnered with Centro de Servicios para la Capacitación Laboral y el Desarrollo (CAPLAB) and with Gerencia de Educación Regional de Moquegua (GREMO) to develop the program Adelante: Jóvenes con oportunidades. This 3-year program seeks to capacitate and link young people to jobs in Moquegua and Ilo by:

  1. Improving articulation between the productive and education sector
  2. Working with secondary schools to train teachers and integrate curriculums and methodologies
  3. Working with secondary schools to provide to students and parents/families information about opportunities in Peru
  4. Working with institutes of high technical education (IEST) to train teachers and integrate curricula and methodologies

The program is expected to impact at least 22 secondary schools and 3 IESTs. Using the methodology "workforce development under a gap-analysis" and the addition of the new element provided with resources from the Caterpillar Foundation based on best practices in youth employability programs, drawn from IYF's experience in more than 50 countries over the past 15 years, and includes the following elements:

  • Workforce development under a gap-closing approach (contribution of CAT resources).
  • Life skills and job skills training (Adelante program contributions)
  • Service management for labor market insertion (Adelante program contributions)
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning (contribution from both programs).