IYF Field Staff

Juan Carlos Hernandez, Senior Technical Specialist, LAC Programs, [email protected]

Hafez Neeno, Regional Director, Middle East & Country Director, [email protected]
Bassam Alessawi, IT Expert, [email protected]
Lina Y. Al-Qawasmi, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, [email protected]
Shatha Obaid, Program Manager, IOWP/MOPIC, [email protected]
Mohammad Saleh, Finance & Administration Manager, [email protected]
Mai Ali Abdulrahman Yaseen, Senior Program Coordinator, [email protected]
Imad Zayed, Office Assistant, [email protected]

Assem Satmukhambetova, Country Director, [email protected]
Maira Abakanova, Finance and Administration Manager, [email protected]
Nurzhan Amangossov, Program Manager, [email protected]
Ainur Orynova, Administration Assistant, [email protected]
Dinara Tuyakova, Program Manager, [email protected]
Tanat Yessengulov, Program Manager, [email protected]

Grace Karanja, Project Director, [email protected]
Elizabeth Wanja, Project Manager, SKYE, [email protected]

Jorge Barragan, Country Director, [email protected]
Esther Bautista, Program Officer, [email protected]
Ivonne Bermudez, Program Officer, [email protected]
Judith Hermosillo, Program Officer, [email protected]
Katia Moreno, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]
Marlene Nunez, Program Coordinator, [email protected]
Andrea Padilla, Program Manager, [email protected]
Alberto Peniche, Project Director, [email protected]
Félix Ramírez, Program Manager, [email protected]

Nazik El Yaalaoui, Country Director, [email protected]
Sabah Bennis, Finance and Administration Manager, [email protected]
Nour Eddine Benyarrou, Program Manager, [email protected]
Asmaa Boufoud, Regional Program Manager, [email protected]
Abdesselam El Mouket, Regional Program Manager, [email protected]
Jawad Lahlou, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, [email protected]
Mounia Ouedaie, Operations Officer, [email protected]
Loubna Tofik, Program Manager, [email protected]
Hicham Zazouli, Job Placement Officer, [email protected]

Ilidio Caifaz, Country Director, [email protected]
Emelia Banda, Finance & Administration Manager, [email protected]
Rafael Ernesto Chavanguane, Program Manager based at INEFP Headquarters, [email protected]
Helena Chambuluka Cikanda, Senior Manager, Operations & Learning, [email protected]
Joao Capitine Conjo, Driver, [email protected]
Rita Da Silva, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Technical Advisor, [email protected]
Henrique Fernandes, IYF Focal Point INEFP Machava, [email protected]
Samuel Mondlane, Senior Program Manager, [email protected]
Narciso Nhacutone, IYF Focal Point Inhambane, [email protected]
Catija Chipo Nguluve, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]
Shéila Ibraimo Omargy, IYF Focal Point INEFP City, [email protected]
Gil Oquisso, Private Sector Engagement Technical Advisor, [email protected]
Delfina Rangel, Project Manager, Bhindzula, [email protected]
Miguel Simone, IYF Focal Point INEFP Tete, [email protected]
Joel Tomas, Capacity Strengthening Technical Advisor, [email protected]
Manuel Viriato, Employability Technical Advisor, [email protected]

Waseem Abd AlHalim, Finance and Administration Manager, [email protected]
Narmeen Fayyaleh, Program Manager, [email protected]

South Africa
Naledi Mazibuko, Programme Officer, [email protected]
Anusha Naicker, Program Director, [email protected]

Petula Nash, Country Director, [email protected]
Josephine Meela, Director of Employability, [email protected]
Wilson Kaijage, Monitoring & Data Officer, Via Mtwara, [email protected]
Julius Kasimila, Job Placement Officer, Via Dodoma, [email protected]
Clemence Kimario, Project Manager, Via Dodoma, [email protected]
Denis Kirenga, Finance and Administration Manager, [email protected]
Suleiman Kiswaga, Job Placement Officer, Via Mtwara, [email protected]
Enock Kuyi, MEL Manager, [email protected]
Philbert Lyimo, Job Placement Officer, Via Dar es Salaam, [email protected]
Abubakari Ally Milandu, Life Skills Career and Guidance Officer, Via Dar es Salaam, [email protected]
Nestory Mhando, Project Manager, Via Dar es Salaam, [email protected]
Alfred Mishamo, Monitoring & Data Officer, Via Dodoma, [email protected]
Lucas Mkude, Project Manager, Via Mtwara, [email protected]
Eliflorida Mushi, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, [email protected]
Nancy Lazaro Mwaisaka, Project Manager, [email protected]
Herieth Sylvanus Ngemera, Life Skills Career and Guidance Officer, Via Mtwara, [email protected]
Malula Hassan Nkanyemka, Project Manager, [email protected]
Pius Ntinda, Driver & Security Officer, [email protected]
Sarah Shebele, Life Skills Specialist, [email protected]
Naumi Shabani Shekilindi, Life Skills Career and Guidance Officer, Via Dodoma, [email protected]
Anna Shemhina, Finance and Administrative Coordinator, [email protected]
Othman Shemndola, Monitoring & Data Officer, Via Mtwara, [email protected]

Pamela Chiromo, Deputy Chief of Party, [email protected]
Elizabeth Chigwidi, Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer, [email protected]
Rudo Makandwa, Entrepreneurship Officer, [email protected]
Cosmas Maodzwa, Driver, [email protected]
Tinashe Marecha, Regional Finance Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, [email protected]
Bernard Nyamucherera, Driver, [email protected]
Susan Ryce, Household Economic Strengthening Advisor, [email protected]