Creative Youth Development Research & Evaluation Support

Program: Burberry Inspire


The International Youth Foundation (IYF) invests in the extraordinary potential of young people. Founded in 1990, IYF builds and maintains a worldwide community of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations committed to empowering youth to be healthy, productive, and engaged citizens. IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain employability skills, make healthy choices, and improve their communities.

Designed in partnership with Burberry Group plc and supported by The Burberry Foundation, the Burberry Inspire program aims to create opportunities for young people over the next three years to unlock their creativity and drive positive change in their lives and communities.

At the heart of Burberry Inspire is a commitment to respecting the diversity of young people’s lived experiences, valuing their perspectives, elevating their authentic voices, and supporting their creative development and expression. This approach to youth development, referred to as Creative Youth Development (CYD), recognizes that creativity and creative expression take different forms. For example, some young people may demonstrate their creative spark through painting, music, theatre, or dance while others may express themselves in a STEM-related field. From a CYD perspective, we know the positive role creativity—of all varieties—plays in the development of a young person’s self-confidence, connection to self and others, wellbeing, and sense of hope for the future.

This program is being implemented through partnerships with eight established youth-serving partner organizations that are already empowering young people in their countries and communities. Among these local partners are organizations that focus on the creative arts; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); life and leadership skill building; and a variety of other programming that makes them a perfect fit for the Burberry Inspire initiative. Operating in Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Hong Kong S.A.R., China, these organizations bring critical expertise and a deep understanding of local contexts, including the unique challenges and needs of the young people in their regions.


IYF seeks an evaluator or firm to work collaboratively with IYF’s Program Team and its Measurement, Evaluation, Research, & Learning (MERL) team to determine research questions and set the learning agenda for this 3-year program; support research and evaluation of the Burberry Inspire program; and to collaboratively develop a research agenda that defines how the program can contribute to and advance the existing evidence base of the Creative Youth Development field.


The goal of the program is to “empower youth and enable them to unlock their creativity and drive positive change” through engagement in high-quality creative opportunities with partner organizations that excel in providing positive youth development programs.

Based on the program’s theory of change, it is anticipated that by engaging and developing young people’s creativity and giving them well-designed opportunities to develop and learn, the BI Program will help youth to:

  • Gain greater self-confidence and other foundational life skills that are critical for success in life,
  • Acquire the information, connections and motivation needed to further their educational and/or career plans in the future, and
  • Become empowered to play a positive role in their communities.

IYF has developed a youth participant survey tool for pre-and post-assessments to measure the outcomes below:

  • Youth have increased self-confidence and other foundational skills.
  • Youth have greater self-belief.
  • Youth have improved college and career readiness.
  • Youth are equipped to take community action.
  • Youth engage in their communities.

Purpose of Activity/Assignment:

The purpose of the exercise is to:

  1. Identify what IYF, Burberry Foundation, project partners, and the CYD field can learn from programs participating in Burberry Inspire to contribute to building knowledge and increasing understanding of CYD in practice. This will include identifying potential areas of innovation, gaps, and challenges in implementation of CYD frameworks.
  2. Amplify the adoption of creative youth development as a powerful framework for youth creativity, belonging, engagement and wellbeing. This will include providing evidence for research and evaluation insights from Burberry Inspire and identifying stories of the positive impact of Burberry Inspire programs to support empowering storytelling; and,
  3. Develop Learning Agenda for Creative Youth Development. This requires a solid understanding of the existing evidence base in the field of Creative Youth Development and entails contributing to increasing the knowledge, evidence base, awareness and understanding of creative youth development; to raise the support, visibility, and participation in creative youth development programs.

Work Assignment Overview





Expected Timeline

Onboarding with IYF team and review of program partner proposals to identify potential areas of innovation and challenges in the implementation of CYD frameworks.

Report detailing how partner programs are aligned to CYD principles and potential contributions of the Burberry Inspire program to the field.

March-May 2024

Review existing literature of global research and creativity among young people and Creative Youth Development. Approaches: Creative Youth Development, Youth Creativity, Youth Agency in OST Programs, Existing Relevant Agendas.

Annotated bibliographies on the following topics:

  • Creative Youth Development
  • Youth Creativity
  • Youth Agency in Out of School Time Programs


List of existing relevant Learning and Research Agendas.

May-August 2024

Review IYF’s participant evaluation tools and write recommendations for upcoming year.

Written report featuring Burberry Inspire Initiative research and evaluation insights, implications, and impact.

July-August 2024

Synthesize and analyze information from program overviews and literature review and identify knowledge gaps that might be filled to contribute to the field of Creative Youth Development.

Review IYF’s participant evaluation tools and write recommendations for upcoming year.

Report pinpointing identified knowledge gaps to serve as early draft of learning agenda for the field of CYD detailing identified knowledge gaps in CYD.

List of learning questions to be investigated and related learning activities in the context of Burberry Inspire partner programs.

August-September 2024

Based on the list of learning questions, identify innovative examples of CYD in action among Burberry Inspire partners, with the goal of showcasing impactful stories that contribute to powerful storytelling.

Presentation deck and live presentation featuring examples of innovation in CYD practice, unique adaptations of CYD in practice, model CYD practice among Burberry Inspire partners, and opportunities for potential program refinement and status.

Written report of stories from the field interlaced with explanations of power of CYD.

October-November 2024

Identify various learning dissemination channels such as conferences, events, forums, and publications, encompassing academic, grey literature, and lay sources, to serve as potential platforms for effectively disseminating research and evaluation findings in the realm of creative youth development.

A research roundtable dedicated to fostering discussions and sharing insights within the creative youth development domain.

A learning dissemination plan that aligns the learning questions with dissemination channels and products and specifies the target audience.

January 2025-March 2026

Plan and organize collaboration groups on CYD with other researchers, identify potential participants, extend invitations, confirm attendance, and finally, coordinate and host 2-3 virtual meetings for the convening.

A detailed plan outlining the structure and goals of collaboration groups, specifying topics, objectives, and potential outcomes.

A list of identified potential participants for the collaboration groups, along with a record of sent invitations, including details such as participant names, affiliations, and contact information.

A schedule and agenda for 2-3 virtual meetings, outlining the topics to be discussed, activities planned, slides and materials, and any necessary resources for the participants.


A report on each virtual meeting, capturing participant info, key discussions, outcomes, and any action items identified during the convening.

August 2025-March 2026

Knowledge/Expertise/Skills required:

  • Demonstrated knowledge, work experience and publications in Creative Youth Development.
  • Broad knowledge of tools, methods and approaches used to measure Creative Youth Development.
  • Experience in conducting assessments and evaluations on Creative Youth Development (and/or closely related fields such as Positive Youth Development, gender, workforce development, education and social research).
  • Practical experience in the use of participatory methods for conducting assessments, monitoring and evaluation, research, and planning.
  • Practical experience in the design of presentation materials as it relates to Creative Youth Development. Experience in Communications is ideal.
  • Proven work experience in multi-cultural environments and projects across regions.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should include the following components:

  • Name, contact information, and brief background of the vendor, including existing experience and expertise that will be of benefit to the proposed assignment based on the Knowledge/Expertise/Skills required described above.
  • Samples of CYD publications or reports. Please feel free to submit a list of hyperlinked web addresses.
  • A report outlining the approach to fulfilling the work assignment overview, demonstrating alignment with the program's overarching goals. Not to exceed 5 pages.
  • A schedule of deliverables that corresponds to or mirrors the anticipated timeline detailed in the Work Assignment Section of this document.
  • A financial proposal consisting of an itemized budget divided into professional fees and direct cost of activities in U.S. Dollars.


  1. Email a Notice of Intent to Submit and any potential questions to Mr. Adam Yockey at: [email protected] by February 21, 2024.
  2. Submit a proposal in English to Mr. Adam Yockey at: [email protected] by Friday, March 4, 2024.

Please use "CREATIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH & EVALUATION SUPPORT" In the subject line for all communications regarding this call for proposals.