Digital Development Intern

Digital Development Intern


Digital Development Director

This internship is an opportunity to work as part of IYF’s digital development (DD) team. DD at IYF focuses on the organization’s use of technology and digital innovations to further the work within our projects. The team provides Technical Assistance directly to projects and also develops resources to bolster the organization’s overall capacities.

As IYF’s Digital Development intern, you will serve in a Business Analyst and Administrative capacity, supporting the team while taking leadership over research and analytical tasks. The below represent the team’s current needs and possible activities for the DD Intern. The exact responsibilities will be determined by her/his start date, professional experience (if any), skills, and interests.


  • Technology Business Analysis
    • Conduct a comprehensive review of 10-15 Learning Management Software (LMS), reviewing their features, limitations, cost structure, total cost of ownership, availability of service providers, etc.
    • Develop an excel table of the options available to IYF with a scoring of the best solutions for IYF given organizational priorities
  • Administrative
    • Develop and revise slides under the guidance of IYF's Digital Director
    • Log technology-focused organizations and contacts into the organization's Salesforce instance, summarizing each organization's offerings and possible benefit to IYF.
    • Prepare and lead digitally-oriented group activities for the IYF Digitally Curious Group, a collection of staff eager to engage and learn more about technology
    • Attend occasional high-profile meetings, documenting the main take-aways, decisions, and to-do items.
  • Quality Control
    • Review eLearning solutions and related documentation that are being developed by IYF and partners to identify bugs, UX challenges, and logic flow inconsistencies
    • Log these issues in a clear, concise way—suggesting what change should be made to improve the experience  
  • Document synthetization
    • Read blogs, reports, white papers, etc. identified by the organization's Digital Development team
    • Develop a summary of each document with notes on its possible relevance for IYF and a recommendation whether it would be useful for broader consumption
    • Identify, review, and analyze the strategies, scope, composition of Digital Development teams at other international development and youth development organizations
    • Identify any contacts, products, or services mentioned in each document that IYF should log and consider for future partnerships


  • Required
    • Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program
    • Passion for IYF’s mission and the use of technology to achieve it
    • Ability to think critically about the needs of a technology user to anticipate and understand their experience, pain points, and needs
    • Ability to lead conversations with software company representatives to understand the features offered by their solutions and their comparative strengths/weaknesses
    • Ability and eagerness to learn quickly and adapt to changing needs
  • Preferred
    • Comfort with and exposure to technologies such as Learning Management Systems, data systems, mobile communication technologies (SMS, IVR), web/mobile-based data collection.
    • Experience working or living in country or community where limited resources and poor infrastructure make the access/use of technology very difficult.
    • Intermediate or Advanced abilities in Spanish or Portuguese

Start date: October 2021
Duration: 6 to 10 weeks
Hours: 12-20 hours a week
Pay: $16/undergraduate students, $20/graduate students

Submit a resume and cover letter to Please address the following questions in your cover letter:

  • Why are you interested in this internship at IYF?
  • How are you a good fit?
  • What do you hope to gain from the internship?
  • In what way do you identify as BIPOC and/or with another underrepresented or historically marginalized group?


For 30 years, our sole focus has been to help young people succeed. Our work is fueled by the belief that young women and men everywhere possess dreams, ambition, and the same spark of potential. However, we also know that opportunities are not equitably distributed. Rooted in the belief of youth as problem-solvers, change-makers, and leaders, our initiatives are catalysts for change. We forge global and local partnerships that transform lives, together.

Together with our partners, IYF builds effective, sustainable, and scalable initiatives that drive change around three interconnected strategic objectives: youth agency, economic opportunity, and systems change. These strategic objectives power IYF’s mission. Our initiatives help young people gain market-relevant technical and life skills, and they foster enabling environments and enhance the systems within which we all live and work.

IYF is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are strengthened by the diversity of our colleagues, and we welcome applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.