Cristina Balbás Martínez

  • Founder, Escuelab (SchoolLab)
  • Spain

Impact area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal 4

Cristina Balbás Martínez founded Escuelab in 2013. The organization democratizes access to practical scientific education to reduce the educational inequalities among schoolchildren, especially among those with fewer resources. They do this directly and through training of primary school teachers, both in person and online.

“The closure of schools due to the coronavirus has aggravated the educational inequalities that existed before the pandemic," explains Cristina. "This is especially serious in the case of minors from low-income households who received little or no educational support from their families during confinement. With the Escuelab platform, we guarantee access to quality education, facilitating the teaching of science in an interactive way during the closure of schools in those centers with students from lower socioeconomic levels.”

The Global Youth Resiliency Fund will be used in the following ways to achieve key results:  

  • Complete the digitalization of the Escuelab methodology for systematic online implementation in schools at the primary education level.
  • During the 2021-2022 academic year, we hope to work with 75 educators, who will use the School Platform with 1,875 minors, at least 170 of whom will be at risk of exclusion. These figures will rise to 450 educators and 10,000 minors in the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • As medium-term indicators, we anticipate 75% of participating educators will improve their ability to teach science with active inquiry-based methodologies. For their part, 90% of the students will improve their knowledge and enjoy activities related to science.
  • In the long term, we expect that at least 70% of educators will improve their teaching practice in science subjects and at least 5% of students will develop new scientific vocations thanks to our project.
  • Finally, we hope that at least 5% of the minors at risk of exclusion who participate with scholarships in the project improve their future prospects

Learn more about Escuelab here.