Dysmus Kisilu

  • Founder, Solar Freeze
  • Kenya

Impact area: Economic empowerment; Sustainable Development Goal 8 

Dysmus Kisilu founded Solar Freeze in 2016. The organization is pioneering potable cold storage units powered by solar energy for rural smallholder farmers of perishable produce.

“The environmental effects of food loss and waste are enormous,” Dysmus says. “This award will support the provision of solar powered cold storage facilities for both the healthcare and the agriculture sector to store temperature sensitive products in refugee camps as well as rural and off-grid areas of Kenya with limited or no access to electricity. To help more rural and remote clinics access solar powered cold rooms, we have made the decision to give them at cost, providing additional free logistics and installation support for communities living outside the main towns and large cities.”

The Global Youth Resilience fund will help Dysmus and team achieve their goals in the following ways:

  • Deploy 10 portable solar powered cold storage units impacting a total of 500 smallholder farmers in rural Kenya, reducing post-harvest food losses by at least 95 percent.
  • Train 20 young women (18-29 years old) in the technical skills required for the maintenance the solar powered cold storage units in their communities.

Learn more about the critical work being done by Solar Freeze here.