Jaser Alharsees

  • Founder, Robotna
  • Jordan

Impact area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4

Jaser Alharsees founded Robotna in 2015. The organization aims to enhance thinking skills, spread future science and integrate it with academic subjects through several training programs for different age groups using modern technology. 

“Unemployment has increased greatly with the onset of the pandemic, especially for women,” explains Jaser. "Women in Jordan suffer from a lack of expertise in modern technological fields such as artificial intelligence and web applications, which are the most in-demand skills in the labor market. This award will support the She Code project: a training program targeting women graduates and students of engineering and information technology majors in the Jordanian governorates. With increased skills in high-growth IT skills, women in Jordan will have increased self-employment and remote work opportunities.” 

The Global Youth Resilience fund will help Jaser and the She Code project team achieve the following results:

  • Equip 12 women from the Jordanian governorates with the skills to build smart phone applications and websites.

  • Train 12 women from the Jordanian governorates in "Artificial Intelligence for Children" so they can work part-time with Robotna.
  • Provide 5 women with 6-month work experience with Robotna, which will make it easier for them to find fulltime employment in the future.

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