Maia Ramarosandratana

  • Founder, Projet Jeune Leader
  • Madagascar

Impact area: Health; Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3

Maia Ramarosandratana founded Projet Jeune Leader in 2013. The organization delivers comprehensive sexuality education in rural, underserved middle schools in Madagascar with the goal of preventing unplanned pregnancy, risky sexual behaviors, and school-dropouts.

“Projet Jeune Leader recruits, trains, equips, manages, and pays young adults as specialized educators to work full-time in our partner public schools teaching sexual health and life skills classes following our gender-transformative and rights-based curriculum,” Maia explains. “In rural Madagascar, only 1 in 5 adolescents will complete middle school, nearly half are married as children, and 1 in 3 girls will become a mother before age 18. Harmful gender norms are prevalent and acquired from a young age, making adolescent girls in rural communities extremely vulnerable to gender-based violence. These social problems can be prevented by providing adolescent boys and girls with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, and by giving them the practical social and emotional tools to apply these learnings in their relationships and everyday lives. Ours is the only program of its kind for young adolescents in Madagascar, and it’s even more important in a post-Covid-19 world.”

The Global Youth Resiliency Fund will help Maia and team to accomplish the following goals and achieve the following results:

  • Train 10 young Malagasy adults (18-25 years old)  as sexuality educators and counselors. •
  • Sign first-time partnership agreements with 10 middle schools in rural Madagascar.
  • Provide 2500 students, for the first time, comprehensive and scientific sexual and reproductive health education.
  • Increase students' sexual and reproductive health knowledge, develop more gender-equitable norms, and healthier behavioral intentions.
  • Provide 2500 students with access, for the first time, to counseling and after-school programming within their school.

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