Manpreet Dhanjal

  • Global Finance Coordinator UNITED STATES
  • United States

Manpreet Dhanjal is IYF’s Global Finance Coordinator. Manpreet is originally from Ellicott City, Maryland. Manpreet’s father lived in England prior to settling down with her Scottish-Indian mother who moved to the US as a teen from Punjab, India. Manpreet is in the process of simultaneously pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance along with her MBA at University of Baltimore. Before this, Manpreet attended Howard Community College where she was a member of the South Asian Student Association. Manpreet brings several years of internship experience in accounting and finance. She currently lives in Glenelg, Maryland. Manpreet cherishes and loves her family, and her friends. Her hobbies include cooking and painting, and a recent hobby she picked up since the pandemic which is yoga—doing different 30 day yoga challenges with her friends!

Facts About Manpreet Dhanjal
  • Languages: English, Punjabi
  • Country of birth United States
  • Hobbies: Cooking, painting, yoga