Miriam Reyes Oliva

  • Founder, Aprendices Visuales
  • Spain

Impact area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4

Miriam Reyes Oliva founded Aprendices Visuales in 2012. The organization has created a series of online courses, books, and interactive applications with pictograms that are being used by more than 1 million people around the world.

"Visual Schools is a program for the transformation of educational centers into inclusive schools through visual tools," Miriam explains. "It was born with the mission of providing the educational community with visual tools that improve the learning and participation of all boys and girls in different educational settings. The use of visual tools for learning enhances autonomy in children, facilitates the anticipation and understanding of activities, helps maintain attention, provides tranquility, favoring behavioral regulation and communication. In addition, it improves cognitive accessibility, promoting inclusion and attention to diversity in schools. With this funding, we will create a toolkit that collects the visual tools and that, through the power of digital, allows us to scale and create a much greater positive social impact." 

The Global Youth Resiliency Fund will help Miriam and team achieve the following:

  • Transform 20 Schools into Visual Schools.
  • Equip 800 teachers with teaching techniques and strategies through pictograms and visual teaching tools.
  • Provide 21,600 boys and girls with access to an inclusive education that allows them to develop their potential. 

Learn more about Aprendices Visuales here.