Narciso Nhacutone

  • IYF Focal Point, INEFP Inhambane, MOZAMBIQUE
  • Mozambique

Narciso joined IYF in 2017 and is responsible for providing technical support in the management, coordination, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of all activities related to the Via: Pathways to Work program. With nine years of previous professional experience working with NGOs including Moz-Mundo Cultural and AJMS, Narciso brings to IYF an expertise for working with local government and civil society organizations to facilitate youth-focused community development in areas including HIV/AIDs mitigation and the prevention of gender-based violence and premature marriage. He holds a bachelor's degree in Management and Cultural Studies from the Higher Institute of Arts and Culture and a master's degree in Design, Management and Management of International Cooperation Projects from the European University of the Atlantic.

Facts About Narciso Nhacutone
  • Languages: English, Portuguese
  • Country of birth Mozambique
  • Hobbies: Reading, meditating, and traveling