Nicole Zamorano

  • Program Coordinator, MEXICO
  • Mexico

Born in Mexico City, Nicole joined IYF in 2019 as a Program Coordinator for the Americas Team. Nicole brings with her experience and knowledge in international law, logistics and agreements in organizations such as ProMéxico and Becerril, Coca & Becerril in which she had the opportunity to demonstrate her capacity for analysis, commitment and leadership.

She also has experience in coordinating UN models for high schools, and she participated in the Mexico’s City First Constitution dialogues. She holds a degree in International Affairs from the Mexico Valley University and a Course on International Women´s Health and Human Rights from the Stanford University; she is fluent in English and has intermediate domain in French. Nicole is very excited with the transition to a non-profit organization and expresses her passion to our organization´s mission.

Facts About Nicole Zamorano
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Country of birth Mexico
  • Hobbies: Dogs, travel and yoga