Oscar Contreras-Villarroel

  • Founder, Fundación Ciencia Joven (Youth Science Foundation)
  • Chile

Oscar Contreras-Villarroel founded Fundación Ciencia Joven in 2011. The organization works  to transform science education and train young leaders who actively participate in society through science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Latin America.

"The closure of educational institutions due to COVID-19 has impacted the teaching-learning processes," Oscar explains, "creating a challenge to adapt face-to-face to virtual education. The adaptation of the Young Science Foundation programs to a virtual modality will promote collaborative work and active learning, provide learning opportunities to children and young people, and prepare teachers from different Latin American countries for the gradual reopening of schools.  In the case of students, we promote the development of STEM and leadership skills through the execution of STEM projects that solve local problems, enabling interaction between young people of different countries and ages. In the case of teachers, it enables the acquisition of teaching tools and skills that will equip them to innovate and adapt their classes to ensure the continuity of the school curriculum."

The Global Youth Resilience Fund will help Oscar and team to achieve the following results:

  • Develop 100% of our programs on the Sophya digital platform.
  • 75% of the participants complete the programs virtually.
  • 75% of teachers incorporate the use of digital tools in their classes.
  • 75% of students achieve at least 67% average achievement in their science and engineering projects when presented at the end of the Academy.
  • 75% of students report an increase / maintenance of attitudes related to leadership behavior during the development of STEM projects remotely.
  • 75% of students report an increase / maintenance in their development of scientific thinking when completing STEM projects remotely.

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