Sarah Jonson

  • Technical Advisor, Youth Agency & Engagement UNITED STATES
  • United States

As IYF's Technical Advisor for Youth Agency and Engagement, Sarah is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the organization and supporting existing projects and business development efforts in the areas of youth agency, leadership, civic education, and meaningful youth engagement. She is also charged with ensuring IYF designs and implements holistic, positive youth development programming that is socially inclusive and promotes greater equity for communities experiencing marginalization or disenfranchisement. A tall order, she translates and internalizes this role as having the honor and serious duty of holding IYF accountable for implementing programming by, for, and with young people.

Sarah joined IYF in 2017 as a Program Coordinator, bringing her experience and passion for youth workforce development, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), and gender mainstreaming. She has since worked closely with teams and projects in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Tanzania and Mozambique. Sarah earned a Bachelor of Arts in business from William and Mary in 2011 and a Master of Arts in public and international affairs from Virginia Tech in 2016. She is equally proud of and appreciative for the education she has received from the various people and places she has worked with and in throughout her career.

Facts About Sarah Jonson
  • Languages: English, Oshiwambo, Spanish
  • Country of birth United States
  • Hobbies: Reading, biking, and building