IYF Videos - North America


Juneteenth: A Global Perspective with Ambassador Victoria

YO Ambassador Victoria says Juneteenth "is not just a sacred U.S. independence day." Hear more from Victoria about how the recognition of Juneteenth resonates around the world.

Juneteenth: A Celebration and History Lesson with Ambassador Trint

YO Ambassador Trint says "Juneteenth is a celebration and history lesson all in one." Hear more from Trint about the importance of this holiday and how it helps tell the real story of independence for Black people in America.

LEAPS Learning Event - Opening Remarks

Susan Reichle, IYF's President & CEO, highlights accomplishments and lessons learned in her opening remarks at the LEAPS learning event, "Strengthening Youth Opportunity in Rural America," held on May 20, 2019.

Rural Trends: Issues and Opportunities in Rural America

What challenges do young people in rural areas and small cities face? What opportunities exist and what solutions stand out? Hear from the experts, including those who know best—young people themselves—in a panel discussion moderated by Dr.