An Aspiring Journalist Pursues His Dream

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Twenty-year-old Adnan Kryeziu grew up in the Rahovec municipality of southwestern Kosovo. One of six children, Adnan always wanted to be a journalist; yet like many Kosovar youth, he was forced to put his dreams on hold. Forty percent of young people in Kosovo are unemployed, with youth twice as likely as adults to be without jobs.

Securing jobs in challenging economic times is hard enough, but for youth is compounded by a lack of experience and appropriate skills training. Looking for help, Adnan learned of the training and internship opportunities being made available through the Youth Employability Programme for Kosovo. He applied and was accepted.

“Now I have a better understanding of how the media works and how to interview people,” says the tall, slender Adnan, wearing red wire-rimmed glasses. “I’m more confident and have a better sense of how to work in a team and eliminate prejudice.”

Through the programme, Adnan was placed in an internship at a local radio station and now feels more hopeful about his future. “I gained experience that will help me in my future career in journalism and the media and which will hopefully help me secure work,” he says.

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