Introducing the 2024 Burberry Inspire Young Leaders Programme

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IYF is thrilled to unveil the inaugural Burberry Inspire Young Leaders (YLs) Programme. This initiative is dedicated to amplifying youth voices, fostering creativity and driving positive change. Designed for young people aged 17-20, the programme encourages participants to address social issues in their local communities through the power of storytelling and self-expression. YLs will also learn about career pathways at Burberry and beyond, helping them to prepare for their futures.

Created in partnership with Burberry Group plc and The Burberry Foundation, Burberry Inspire is committed to creating opportunities for more than 500,000 young people over the next three years to unlock their creativity and drive positive change in their lives and communities.

The 2024 Young Leaders Programme, a pivotal component of Burberry Inspire, marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Burberry and IYF. With operations spanning Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, Burberry Inspire collaborates with nine youth-serving organizations, all of whom are deeply embedded in their local communities. These organizations bring decades of expertise and a profound understanding of local contexts, making them ideal partners for empowering young people through Burberry Inspire.


The 2024 Young Leaders Programme places a strong emphasis on mentorship, with Burberry colleague mentoring being a key part of the curriculum. Engaging 20 YLs, the programme will offer a comprehensive curriculum of skills workshops, learning sessions, and roundtable discussions. These sessions will focus on critical themes such as mental health, representation, and sustainability, providing YLs with the tools and knowledge to drive positive change in their communities. Moreover, the programme will also offer an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow YLs across the globe, as well as with Burberry employees during mentorship sessions. Through these initiatives, the programme aims to foster leadership skills, amplify voices, and cultivate a sense of agency among young changemakers.

Creative Youth Development Approach

Central to Burberry Inspire is the philosophy of Creative Youth Development. This approach recognizes and respects the diverse lived experiences of young people, valuing their perspectives, and supporting their creative development and expression. Whether through the arts, STEM-related fields, or other avenues of creativity, Burberry Inspire seeks to foster self-confidence, connection, and hope for the future among young people.

As YLs embark on this journey of transformation, they reflect on what becoming a Burberry Inspire YL means to them:

“Becoming a YL will challenge me to become a lifelong changemaker and promote my passion for using my voice.” – Ro, Burberry Inspire YL, United Kingdom

“By sharing opinions with people from different countries who grew up in different environments, I might be able to discover a new version of myself.” – Ayano, Burberry Inspire YL, Japan

“This experience will allow me to contribute to the programme’s mission and inspire positive changes in the lives of many young individuals.” – Vanessa, Burberry Inspire YL, United States

We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of the 2024 YLs Programme. Together, let us champion the inspiring youth who are driving positive change in their communities and beyond. For more information about Burberry Inspire, please visit

Get to know all 20 YLs and what they are passionate about below:

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