BADIR (2011–2019)

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BADIR, Arabic for “Take the Initiative”, was a multi-funder initiative that equipped young Jordanian leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to strengthen and scale up their existing social change projects. Its first three phases were launched in 2011 with the support of Starbucks and identified 65 young social entrepreneurs as fellows to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate their creativity and nurture their social change projects. In 2017, in partnership with USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program led by FHI360, BADIR launched its fourth phase, continuing its mission as a social entrepreneurship support program, adding 24 new fellows to the program and engaging with key Government of Jordan (GoJ) stakeholders such as the Ministry of Labor, Youth, Social Development, National Center for Employment and Training, and the Queen Rania Centre for Entrepreneurship.

When given the chance to join the BADIR 2017 program, USAID CIS did not hesitate as we have seen first-hand how communities have benefited from this unique program. So how could we contribute to making a difference as well? We identified an opportunity to expand BADIR’s approach to enhancing social inclusion by introducing the principles of meaningful involvement and equitable participation of persons with disabilities ... We’re proud of BADIR’s evolution and look forward to following your progress in advancing inclusion in Jordan.

—Patrick Fine, CEO, FHI360

Over the course of the project, IYF identified, trained, and supported 89 youth-led ventures and formed a vibrant national network. Fellows received training in leadership and social entrepreneurship, access to funding and resources, introduction to peers locally and globally, coaching and mentorship, access to BADIR’s corporate and public sector network, and media exposure. Each fellow received 250 hours of training, mentoring and one-on-one support. Through the Social Innovation Fund, fellows were able to apply for grants ranging from USD $5,000—10,000 to apply the tools they learned in the trainings to enhance their community change activities. By the project’s conclusion, the Innovation Fund awarded over USD$500,000 in small grants to BADIR Fellows.



BADIR cultivated key partnerships with relevant entities in Jordan including the government, media, corporate, and non-profit sectors to form a “Friends of BADIR” network. This network amplified the power and impact of youth-led development through collaborative outreach and recruitment communications, shared employee engagement opportunities, senior leadership involvement in selection committees, financial investment in the program and direct to the participants, and diverse contribution of shared learning opportunities and resources. 35 public private partnerships were established as a result of the Friends of BADIR network.

Program Focus

  • Social Entrepreneurship, Social Change


  • 2011–2019



Professional Field

  • Entrepreneurship

Additional Resources

Funding Partners

  • Starbucks
  • FHI360
  • Alshaya Group


Ronnie Murungu , Regional Director, Africa & the Middle East , [email protected]