Clave para el Futuro

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We joined forces with the PepsiCo Foundation to connect more young people in Mexico with the training to find jobs in the most dynamic sectors. Through Clave para el Futuro (Key to the Future), we reached 30,000 secondary school students on CONALEP Estado de Mexico (EM) campuses with market-aligned technical tracks of study and Passport to Success® life skills training. In order to ensure sustainability and long-term success, we trained CONALEP EM in identifying skills mismatches and opportunities. Clave also made the existing Portal del Servicio Nacional del Empleo, more accessible and youth-friendly by developing an innovative app. In this way, youth participating in Clave as well as Rutas, a complementary program in other Mexican states, had  improved access to job vacancies.



Targeted Youth

Professional Field

  • Technical/vocational

Funding Partners

  • PepsiCo Foundation

Funding Partners