entra21 (2001-2011)

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A model for IYF’s employability initiatives, entra21 provided disadvantaged youth ages 16 to 29 in 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with job training and placement services over the course of a decade. With primary support from the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, entra21 emphasized alliance-building, evaluating and refining approaches, and scaling up through government partnerships. The initiative included comprehensive training in technical skills and life skills based on demonstrated labor market and employer needs. From 2001 to 2011, more than 135,000 young people benefitted from participation in entra21, and employers were highly satisfied with graduates as interns and employees. In addition employing advanced monitoring and evaluation tools, the initiative produced a series of studies expanding our understanding of issues such as how to achieve scale, reach hard to hire youth, and use technology effectively.


  • 2001-2011



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Funding Partners

  • IDB Lab
  • Argidius Foundation
  • Caterpillar Foundation
  • International Development Research Center (IDRC)
  • ITDG - Practical Solutions
  • Ministry of Labor in Argentina
  • Nokia
  • TK Foundation
  • Walmart
  • Municipality of Medellin
  • National Training Institute of Chile (SENCE)


Juan Carlos Hernández , Country Director, COLOMBIA , [email protected]