Foum el Oued

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In 2014, IYF started a two-year project to improve the quality of life for residents in the Foum el Oued region of Laâyoune, in southern Morocco. Funded by the Phosboucraâ Foundation, the community-drive initiative had two objectives: to strengthen the organizational and technical capacity of the area's largest agricultural cooperative and increase opportunities for local youth to receive relevant and high-quality training in their community. Young people learned key life skills through Passport to Success® and entrepreneurship techniques through Build Your Business. Trainings in the I:SERVE curriculum created new service opportunities for youth in the area and lead them step-by-step through the process of enacting projects that met community needs, from improving library access to promoting coastline protection.



Professional Field

  • Agriculture

Implementing Partners

  • Cooperative Sakia El Hamra

Funding Partners

  • Fondation Phosboucraa

Funding Partners