Google IT Support Professional Certificate—Mexico (2019-2022)

Developed by IYF, the "Certificado Profesional de Soporte de TI de Google" program offers Google's highly valuable Certification along with a socio-emotional skills curriculum (PTS) and work readiness skills development. The program is designed to reach high school graduates who lack opportunities to enroll in higher education and/or to acquire job opportunities across the Mexican Republic. This initiative will provide them access to a well-rounded IT training that equips them with the critical skills to get an entry-level job in IT support.

Latin America is the region that faces the largest gap in IT skills in the world. To this day, around 40 percent of employers in Mexico experience difficulties hiring people in this area. Through the alliance that started in 2019 between IYF and Grow with Google, Google seeks to contribute to training the Mexican professionals of tomorrow, who will be in charge of strengthening the industry in a country where the demand for IT jobs has increased 34 percent since 2019.

The program is carried out outside the formal school system, therefore IYF works with a variety of partners that enable beneficiaries to get a wraparound support that significantly reduces program completion barriers. Additionally, an experienced tutor guides beneficiaries through the 10-week online program, leading activities for them to better understand the technical content and connect with their peers, while inspiring them to make the most out of the program.

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Program Focus

  • IT industry skills, life skills, work readiness


  • 2019-2022



Targeted Youth

Professional Field

  • IT

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Katia Moreno , Deputy Program Director, Mexico , [email protected]