Hilton Partnership (2012-present)

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In June 2012, Hilton announced a $3 million, four-year partnership with the International Youth Foundation (IYF). Together, we've expanded Hilton’s commitment to Travel with Purpose—creating opportunities for youth around the world through first-hand access to education, training, and career paths within the hospitality industry. The partnership delivered key products for the company and the industry, most notably Passport to Success for Hospitality and the Global Youth Wellbeing Index.

In January 2016, Hilton extended the partnership with another four-year (2016-2019), $3 million commitment. Over those years, IYF has been honored to support Hilton’s bold corporate commitment to connect, engage and employ 1 million young people by 2019 and enhance the life skills of thousands of Hilton Team Members.

Phase II doubled down on the Hilton Effect for youth by leveraging IYF’s past achievements to develop Hilton’s young team members, prepare a pipeline of qualified talent, build brand recognition and loyalty among young people, and elevate the profile of the company as a thought leader for youth opportunities.

The partnership has reached several new milestones: created innovative products; provided funding for local initiatives in Hilton’s host communities; captured new data and produced important reports on youth interests, perspectives and wellbeing; engaged young leaders as problem-solvers; and equipped young people with critical life skills, job training, and opportunities.

In 2020, IYF embarked on Phase III of the Hilton-IYF partnership through a partnership with the Hilton Effect Foundation, which builds on our past achievements, tools, and insights. By leveraging the power of Hilton’s and IYF’s unique brand attributes and connections, we will together reach and support even more young people globally.


  • 2012-present


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  • Hospitality & Tourism

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  • King Khalid Foundation

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  • Hilton
  • Hilton Global Foundation
  • Silatech Foundation

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