I:GROW (2016-2018)

I:GROW (2016-2018)_Image

I:GROW supported current and aspiring youth entrepreneurs in five rural communities in Morocco to start or grow their businesses. Funded by the OCP Foundation and the OCP Entrepreneurship Network, the initiative encouraged unemployed and underserved rural Moroccans ages 18 to 35 to create livelihoods in their home communities. Using value chain and market systems approaches, I:GROW targeted aspiring entrepreneurs who lacked relevant support services and active entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses, especially in the agricultural sector. IYF  worked through local organizations and equipped their trainers to support young people in developing life skills using Passport to Success® and entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and information technology skills, in addition to follow-up support services like coaching and mentoring.


  • 2016-2018



Targeted Youth

Professional Field

  • Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship

Implementing Partners

  • Al Amana
  • Association Achourouk de Développement
  • Association Amal Elghade
  • Association Ennour pour le Développement
  • Association Mostakbalna des Jeunes Entrepreneurs
  • Association Nadha pour la Citoyenneté et le Développement
  • Association Provinciale des Jeunes Entrepreneurs d'El Jadida
  • Entrelles Entrepreneurs
  • Fédération des Associations Jbilet
  • Fondation Ardi
  • Réseau des Associations de Jeunes d'El Gantour

Funding Partners

  • Fondation OCP
  • Fondation OCP Entrepreneurship Network

Funding Partners