Integrated Outreach Workers Program (2015-2018)

Under contract with Jordan’s Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) and with funding provided by the World Bank (WB), the International Youth Foundation (IYF) began implementing the "Support to Implementation of a National Unified Registry and Outreach Worker Program for Targeting Social Assistance Program,” otherwise known as IOWP, in 2015. The IOWP program is one key component of the Jordanian government’s poverty reduction strategy which aims to improve the targeting activities of Jordan’s social safety net programs. By strengthening the capacity of government sponsored outreach workers to survey and validate conditions of household poverty, the Jordanian government hopes to improve the poverty alleviation impact of both government and third party provided support services and targeted cash transfers from Jordan’s National Aid Fund.

Under Phase I of the IOWP program, IYF collaborated with MoPIC to survey the poverty conditions of 22,400 poor households through a newly developed Case Management System (CMS)/Case Management Information System (CMIS) and link beneficiaries to relevant support services when possible. Following the successful completion of Phase I of the IOWP program, IYF embarked on the program’s Phase II, leveraging lessons learned in order to build, test pilot, and lay the groundwork for MoSD’s institutionalization of a new and locally operated CMS/CMIS.


  • 2015-2018



Funding Partners

  • The World Bank

Funding Partners

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